Brand Labels [Clothing & Textiles]

brand-iron-on-2 brand-iron-onShow your brand and logo with a simple yet professional label with a non-fray, no-fold label that will not stretch or warp and can be easily sewn on one edge, two edges or all four depending on your needs. Include contact info and/or various sizes and where the product is made to give your product the crisp professional finish that attracts the eye of your customer. Because we are able to custom make small quantities at low cost, these labels are great for small retailers and those just starting out. You can also combine a Brand label with the mandatory wash care label as a centrefold and avoid the extra cost of having two labels instead of one!
brand-sew-top-2 brand-sew-top-3

Wash Care Labels [Clothing & Textiles]

washcare-sew-topWash care labels are essential because by legislation they are mandatory on all textile products sold in Australia. Wash care labels are usually simply sewn along the top and hang free or made as a “centrefold” with care instructions on the reverse side while leaving the front of the label free for other important information such as your brand, product size and where it was made. You can also add a mobile phone number, email address or web address to maximise communication with your customer.

Size Labels [Clothing & Textiles]

Tiny non-fray size labels can be made to be simply sewn one edge into the seam of your garment. You can get as few as 400 size labels with as many different sizes as you like and presented with a number, character or whole word such as “medium” in whatever font you like. Great if you want to just add your sizes as you make a batch or need to fix to readymade garments or textiles. If you already have a stack of labels but need to add or change the sizes, consider adding a “size patch” made from iron on material in any sizes you need. If you do not have other labels you may consider including your sizes on your brand or wash care label, or combine all three into a single centrefold label and save time and cost.

Centrefold Labels [Clothing & Textiles]

centrefold-2 centrefoldA Centrefold label is a good way of including all the things you need onto a single label to make everything easier, simpler and cheaper. Made from a non-fray, no-fold, polyester material, centrefold labels will not shrink, stretch or warp and eliminate the clutter of lots of labels on your product. Individually cut centrefold labels are sewn into a seam or onto a garment by putting two edges together and sewing one line. The label is then easily creased to produce a front and reverse side of the label. A centrefold label can contain your brand, product size and where it was made as well as fabric make-up, wash care instructions and any other critical information such as website address. 

Import Labels [Sew-on & Iron-on Labels both comply with regulations]

washcare-sew-topHave you ever imported a batch of clothing, handbags or textiles to sadly find that Customs Officials will not let it into the country without correct labelling? All of these items require a permanent label on every item that states the country in which it is made and the materials that it is made of. The same applies to many items where the ingredients are not obvious such as skin creams, ointments and herbal medicines. For fabrics, the labels may be permanent sew-on or iron on and as you may imagine if you have goods stuck in a warehouse, and being charged for it, the iron-ons can often be the way to go because they are so much easier and quicker to put on. For bottles, jars & tubes etc., a stick on label will be sufficient. Please call Martin to discuss these issues if you have already run into this problem or think you might in the near future.

Swing Tags [Hangtags for Garments]

Create your own swing tag or match your centrefold label with your brand & logo, contact info and designated areas for size, style and price. Our swing tags are black & white, but without a design charge we create eye-catching adaptations of your brand & logo or new images from scratch. Our swing tags have a gloss finish and are printed with an ink that will not smudge with handling or run if they become damp.

Product Stickers [Fabrics, Textiles & Hardware]

Synthetic waterproof peel and stick labels are great as an add-on to garment swing tags, directly onto textiles or onto hardware with a strong adhesive that will stay fixed in sun & rain. These durable stick-ons will not peel or run and stay on in rough conditions. Add your brand & logo, contact info or website easily & quickly to a wide range of surfaces knowing that they will stay on with humidity, water and multiple handling. Ask about bar coding for products.