Sew-On Name Labels

Name Label 3 line
name-label-1-lineMade from a non-fray, no fold polyester material, our labels can be hand or machine sewn onto any clothing or linen item. The labels are not bulky, but thin yet durable and so will not irritate the skin and become softer with each wash. A process called “Hot Thermal Transfer” embeds the print into the label to withstand harsh chemicals, commercial washing and hot drying. Sew-on labels can be made to the shape and size that suits you, they can be one, two or three line and can be trimmed since they do not fray, to fit better onto smaller items such as socks, jocks and stockings.

Iron-On Name Labels

name-label-pictureThe industrial grade resin backing onto a non-fray polyester material ensures that these labels are able to withstand hot commercial washing and drying. Easy to attach with an iron on a cotton setting, one, two or many items can be labelled quickly whenever there is the risk of an article of clothing going missing. For most general fabrics (cotton, polyester, towelling, tracksuit etc) label fixing is fast and permanent but for awkward materials the labels can be “touch ironed” and then either “sew-tacked” or sewn on fully. Square labels can be ironed firmly onto the brand label of a jumper for example where you might avoid the irons direct contact with heat sensitive fabrics such as pure wool. Iron on labels can be trimmed to fit snuggly onto tiny socks, jocks and singlets.

Stick-On Name Labels

Weatherproof peel and stick labels are great for any non-porous hardware and stay fixed in sun, rain and dishwashers. Use on toys, water bottles, cups, food containers, shoes, handbags as well as books, CD’s, electronics and whatever else you can think of. Avoid having personal keepsakes being placed into wrong lockers and wardrobes by busy staff in a care facility. Add a contact number to give you the best chance of retrieving valuables that can go missing and add a favourite picture if you wish for a personal touch. Identify articles swiftly when groups have numerous similar-looking items such as a day care or school setting.

Stick-On Address Labels

address-labelWeatherproof peel and stick labels with your address are clear and easy to read. Add your own favourite image with a bird, puppy, tree, car or anything else that takes your fancy.