Hi there, Martin here!

For almost twenty years I worked my way from the ground up to the manager of a large commercial linen and laundry service. We collected laundry from places all over metropolitan Perth and brought it to our state of the art, computerised central laundry. There we sorted, washed, dried, sorted again, ironed, folded, packaged, despatched and transported it. We then returned this fresh clean linen and clothing directly into hundreds of cupboards and thousands of wardrobes for individual residents in their room in remote facilities.

This was not easy. Each day we had hundreds of thousands of articles to keep track of, imagine the odd socks, the missing knickers, the shrunken jumpers and burnt stockings…but there was more…bucket loads of screwdrivers from unknown overalls, sets of false teeth echoing in big hollow dryers, wallets, glasses, bags, shoes, knives, syringes, clocks, watches, jewellery, etc etc etc… every day, hey, this is a laundry, not a Sunday market!

We had systems, fantastic systems, tracking systems, systems for everything, all I did was create systems, systems so that nothing ever got lost, but nothing ever worked! Nothing ever worked because no matter how good the system is, there is always the human factor. The problem with humans is that no matter how often they do things right, sooner or later they do something wrong! …wrong bag, wrong wash, wrong person, wrong facility, wrong trolley, wrong, wrong, wrong, it always happens. But alas! (as they say) All of this taught me something! I learnt a lesson (as Tom said)

If you do not want something to get lost, put a label on it!

Put a name on it! It might still get lost (human factor) but if it does not have a Name Label it has got no chance at all or no chance in hell as some say. So just get over it… label your stuff if you want it to have any chance at all. End of story.

ADDA Perth Labels

Located in Beechboro, Western Australia, we are able to provide a fast service for the locals who would like to order by phone or email and then collect as soon as ready. For those a bit further away, no problem, we use phone and internet to zap messages and designs to you until you give us the nod to make your finished labels. As soon as your labels are ready to mail, you will get a text or email with an ETA so you will know just when your labels will arrive.